All LPG Consumers have Rs.40 Lakh Insurance

All LPG Consumers have Rs.40 Lakh Insurance

We all take preventive measures to avoid gas related accidents/explosion at our home. Here are common measures:

  1. Consumer must check cylinder for quality and authenticity before delivery.
  2. Buy Gas and Cylinder only from certified agency with good quality.
  3. Always cover tube from Cylinder to Gas stove.
  4. Switch off gas regulator when not using during nights and when going for holidays.
  5. Clean Gas pipe and rubber frequently.
  6. Check the Cylinder and Gas connection regularly through a certified gas agency mechanic.

At unavoidable circumstances, when gas accident/explosion happens: Oil Company covers all consumers through Insurance policy which not many of us are aware of. According to the policy, when a gas related accident happens, consumers are eligible to an amount of Rs. 40 Lakh and when a death happens due to gas accident/explosion, consumers are eligible to get Rs.50 Lakh.

How to Claim this Insurance money?

In the event of a gas related accident/explosion, the authorised gas agency should be informed within 30 minutes and a family member should provide a written letter to distributor. Then the Gas distributor is responsible for informing Oil Company and Insurance company about the incident. The distributor also should offer help in completing the formalities till the consumer gets the compensation from Insurance company.

Citizen Charter:

Indian Oil Corporation – Click here to download
Hindusthan Petroleum Corporation Limited – Click here to download

What happens when we don’t claim this?

Most of the consumers are not aware about this Insurance policy and this ends as Oil company getting the unclaimed money. Oil companies do not educate their consumers about this Insurance policy. Contact your local Gas representative today to know your rights.

Let us spread this message and create awareness among our people!

Note: We cannot guarantee any insurance claim and the above is only informational post to educate the consumers.

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