App-solute safety for women – Top 4 apps for women safety

App-solute safety for women – Top 4 apps for women safety

While mobile phone apps have changed games, entertainment, travel and news, transformations are evident in the field of safety too.

Women are, still in this day and age, being subjected to violence, domestic abuse and rape capturing headlines almost every day in newspapers. In today’s world where social media and smart phones seem to rule our life, individuals, groups and companies are developing smart phone apps to ensure women’s safety in the country. Take a look at the top few apps reviewed by us…


Developed by Chirag Jagtiani, this app, will ask user to select a few contacts as guardians. If you face an emergency situation, all you need to do is double tap the smart phone power button. Once initiated, the application spotNsave will send SOS distress to guardians every two minutes with the current and updated location through SMS. Other feature is that the app is also compatible with a wristband, via Bluetooth. If users are not able to reach out to their phone, they can click twice on the band button to activate applications inside the phone.

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The Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd (DIMTS) has come out with ‘Telltail’, a security application on android. This app will help users reach their friends and family by pressing just one button in case of an emergency. It will help you raise a security alert by contacting the police, friends and family simultaneously. The application will have three button options — ‘Track Me’, ‘Track by Vehicle’ and ‘Panic Button’ — by clicking which you will reach your primary contacts within seconds. The ‘Track Me’ button will help the primary contact locate the tracking route of the user through the ‘map location’ icon on the screen. In the ‘Track by Vehicle’ option, you will just have to enter the vehicle number. This will help DIMTS track the vehicle status. The ‘Panic Button’ will generate an alert to the backend server of DIMTS which will send detailed information of the location through an SMS to the contacts.

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I’m Shakti


This app, developed by Notion Ink, once installed, if you are in dire situations, you will just have to press the smart phone power button five times within two seconds to initiate the app. The application will then shoot emergency SMSes containing the user’s geography location data to a set of pre-designated contacts. “I have also been in one such situation, and with the help of the app my parents knew exactly where I was and the police came to my rescue in time,” says Swetha Achari, a Mumbai city-based professional.

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Incidents such as Nirbhaya prompted the global IT giant, Microsoft India, to come out with an app for women’s safety. This app enables you to switch on a ‘track me’ feature in the app that lets friends and families track them in real time. Guardian users can call for help through an ‘SOS’ alert button and also connect to security agencies, police and hospitals easily via this app in times of distress.

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