Cheers to a greener future – 10 simple tips

Cheers to a greener future – 10 simple tips

We all sure know that energy conservation is the need of the hour. While our resources are limited and we are depleting it, what is left for the future generations to come? Yes, we think about it but we just expect it to be available by itself in the future. Are we doing anything to conserve? Are we contributing in our little ways to make a green future? Here are a few simple tips you could follow on a day to day basis and conserve energy…

  1. There are numerous research that indicates, using a microwave rather than a conventional oven to heat up a small amounts of food may save large amounts of energy. So why not invest some money on a microwave and save energy?
  2. In a day we all open our refrigerator a million times. But do we follow the rule? Do not to leave your fridge door open often or longer than 30 seconds, as it consumes a lot of energy to cool down again.
  3. Probably something most households follow, if not, it’s time to act. While cooking, cover pots and pans, this will help in heating or cooking the food faster thereby reducing the consumption of gas.
  4. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents (CFLs). These consume four times less energy and they last eight times longer. If every home installed just three of them, it would save enough energy to power all the street lights in the country. So, why not?
  5. We all know this, but unintentionally we just leave them on. Time to be a bit more careful. Simply turning off your television, stereo, computer, fans, lights when you are not using them will save thousands of kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions a
  6. Buy a laptop instead of a desktop. It consumes five times less electricity. If you buy a desktop, get a LED screen as it consumes lesser power.
  7. Walk, bike, carpool or take public transport. You’ll save 1.5 kg of carbon dioxide for every 5km you don’t drive. Use cars that run on cleaner fuels such as CNG and LPG. Switch off your car if you want to stop for more than two minutes. Our traffic signals have timers on at most places, so why not switch off your vehicle according to the time left.
  8. You could save about 900kg of carbon dioxide a year by setting the room air conditioner at 25°C to get the most comfort at the least cost.
  9. Efficient appliances save you lots of energy and money. In India, appliances like Refrigerators and Air Conditioners have efficiency rating labels ranging from 1 to 5 stars, the higher numbers being more efficient. So switch to 5-stars and make the planet a living five-star experience.
  10. Try exploring alternative energy sources. Solar usage is picking up and might replace our current usage totally.

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