Importance of preserving and learning Science from Ancestors

Importance of preserving and learning Science from Ancestors

Approximately 14,000 kilometers away, a son calls his mother and says ‘Hello’. She immediately asked “Did you catch cold, haven’t you slept well? You sound unwell”. Mom did not graduate with MBBS in any  university.

We’ve heard our grandma saying “Cloud is black in the West, it is about to rain”. Grandma never learnt Meteorological Science.

Farmers use to say, “Sow seeds before the monsoon”. Farmer did not go to Agriculture University to know this.

A poet named ‘Theran Sithar’ once sang “The curry cooked previous day is as good as holy water”. He did not pass any Microbiology exam.

Cowboy can identify “two of his sheep are missing and they are not well” out of 60 sheep herd. The poor boy ain’t educated with Veterinary degree.

Ever wondered how they are able to say all this and with such accuracy?

Where did Science come from during early days and where did this experience get lost now?

Every man carefully passed such valuable information to his next generation and unfortunately such tradition is moving away.


Thiruvalluvar once said, “Brilliance is when you are able to get the real meaning of anything” and Bharathiar quoted, “Setting your mind free and independent”.  Both these thoughts are missing for sometime now and we have totally lost the real knowledge that our ancestors had.

It reflects in our next generation where a school going kid will ask her mother to “Put white chutney instead of green chutney”. Mind sobers like ‘When did Asian Paints started to make Chutneys’?

If you ask that kid if he/she knows what is green chutney, the answer is a big NO.

It is because both father and mother do not have time to educate kid with such basic information.

This silence and busy life has lost the most valuable experience lessons.

Television advertisements teach about Protein, Calorie, Vitamin etc. Instead our ancestors words could have thought us more like below:

  • Horse gram and Chicken adds heat to your body,
  • Sesame seeds and bottle guard makes body cool
  • Jack fruit may make your stomach upset.

We can ask what’s this hot and cold, does it show on thermometer? Unfortunately such intermediate science questions has replaced Science invention from olden days.

What are the implications?


I have an appointment with Left eye-brow specialist’, says mother and ‘My child is not eating properly, I’ve bought an Energy drink for Rs.3500’, says father with love.

Fuse has gone, I do not know how to fix it’, says Electrical Engineering graduated brother. You will be able to see many such people around us.

For children who cannot reply back quickly and some other child issues can be cured by the magical ‘Sweet Flag’ or also called as ‘Acorus Calamus’. This is Grandma’s magical way of healing during early days.

Did you catch Cold? Country mint or borage can help you come out of it naturally. Just mix this leaf in the soup and consume it.

Just think for a moment that is it okay to totally loose the preserved Science from our ancestors, should we?

Let us pass this on and note down all the precious information when our Grandma/Grandpa is alive. So we can have a healthy next generation!

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