Mosquito Bites Natural Remedy

Mosquito Bites Natural Remedy

Mosquito bites can be annoying. And who would ever want to get bitten by a mosquito and end up itching for a long time after that? In the hot summer days especially, the tiny little insects are all over the place, possibly carrying a host of diseases along with them. Almost all diseases that exist today are because of these little monsters. When a mosquito takes a bite, it leaves behind its saliva on your skin, making you itch. Would you believe that Mosquitoes are the world’s deadliest animal which is behind over 1 million deaths every year. And every 30 seconds someone in the world is dying because of Malaria.

Here are seven highly effective ways to treat those itchy bites…

1. Vinegar: Vinegar is known for its high level of acidity and that makes it effective in relieving the itchiness and pain cause by a mosquito bite. Its high pH level will work its wonders in seconds. To treat the bites, dilute 1 or 2 cups of fresh vinegar in a bucket of water and take a bath. Or you can also just dilute a spoonful of vinegar and directly apply it on the bites using cotton.

2. Honey: Honey is one of nature’s most magnificent creations. It is used as a remedy for almost everything. It is widely used as an antiseptic and antibacterial treatment. Applied on mosquito bites, it stops them from being infected.

3. Toothpaste: Cheap and efficient, found at everyone’s home, toothpaste is a good alternative remedy to mosquito bites. Applying some directly onto the bite relieves itching and shields it from bacteria. Try to use peppermint flavored toothpaste to get a cooling effect.

4. Ice: Ice is an age-old remedy used to ease the bothersome itching caused by mosquito bites. Cold therapy woks by numbing the nerves that make the itching sensation possible. So apply ice directly on skin and relieve the pain and itchiness.

5. Green Tea Bags: Oh, green tea, is there anything you aren’t good at? In the case of mosquito bites, applying the tea bags directly onto the affected area lets the tea’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to ease the swelling and itchy feeling.

6. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is an excellent natural remedy for mosquito bites. Just apply some of its fresh gel over the bite and you’ll get instant relief. This plant, yet again, is a remedy for almost all burns and wounds.

7. Baking Soda and Water: Mix baking soda with a few drops of water to create a thick paste. Apply this mixture over the mosquito bite. The itching and the swelling will soon subside. This is due to the fact that baking soda is a mild alkaline and can neutralize skin pH. The effect is reduced skin inflammation at the surface.

Apart from all these remedies, if you are having too many mosquitoes troubling you at home or in your room, all you need to do is, cut a lime in half and push few pieces of fresh cloves inside and leave it in a corner. You will see wonders happen. The smell of citrus and cloves helps mosquitoes stay away from the place.

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