Natural tips to slow down Ageing

Natural tips to slow down Ageing

Do you want to slow down ageing process? it is just one step away with easy natural recipe.

Who does not want to stay young? Everyone wishes to stay young and look beautiful forever.

Especially, women always spend their precious time, money and energy in search of ways to stay young like surgeries, expensive creams and Botox injections.

Unfortunately most of them are not aware that it is pretty easy to do this at their home itself. Yes, its true! it is possible to achieve delay in ageing process using common kitchen ingredients within hand’s reach.

This magical concoction helps to clear eye vision, makes your skin glow, higher level of energy, more stamina and the best part is… it keeps your hair from turning grey!

All you need is,

  • 2 lemons
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 500 grams raw honey
  • 100 ml flaxseed oil (You can find at local health stores)

Steps to follow:
–> Take off the skin of garlic.
–> Peel the skin of one of the lemon and other as it is.
–> Throw garlic peeled lemon and lemon with skin in the blender, to this add raw honey and flaxseed oil and start blending.
–> Store the concoction in glass bottle/jar in fridge.

For maximum health benefits of all the ingredients take one spoon of this mixture before each meal but no more than three times a day.

You will start noticing the improvements soon! Let us know the results if you have tried this at home.

Note: The instructions given above are purely our personal opinion and please consult an expert if you are alergic to any such items.

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