30 tips for a better life – Live well!

30 tips for a better life – Live well!

We all know ultimate goal of life is to live well. But, how do we achieve that? Worry not – life is often so simple and we complicate it so much without trying to understand the same. Better life means both physically and mentally. Our working pattern has changed a lot and over 90% people get stressed at work. High Stress levels lower our immunity in body which causes various health issues.

Follow our 30 pointers for a simple and well lived life.

  1. Drink more water daily (so valuable and much needed for body).
  2. Eat your breakfast like a king/queen, lunch like a prince/princess and dinner like a beggar (means ‘Quantity of food intake’).
  3. Eat more organic foods and fruits. Completely avoid anything that is cold-stored.
  4. Allocate time daily for exercise and prayer (Exercise keeps your body fit and prayer keeps your mind fit).
  5. Try to play as much as you can daily. This keeps your muscle active.
  6. Read as many books as you can. Every book is full of knowledge and experience from the author who would have spent years to gain that. You can easily gain all this in a few days by just reading the book.
  7. Sit alone for 20 minutes in a silent/calm place. This will peace out your mind.
  8. Sleep minimum of 7 hours a day and maintain same routine. Try not to change your sleep timing, so body cells are not damaged.
  9. Walk wherever possible. It is proven that if you walk daily, chances of heart attack is reduced a lot. Also keeps you active throughout the day.
  10. Never compare yourself to anyone. All have their own journey and the path travelled is different.
  11. Avoid negative thoughts in mind as it will only cause depression and health issues.
  12. Work as much as you can. Never do overwork and strain your body. Every person’s capacity is different and we have to understand that.
  13. Do not waste your valuable energy and time by speaking bad/gossips about others.
  14. When you are awake, dream about your future. Try to architect your life and spend time in thinking about it.
  15. Getting jealous of someone will indirectly affect you mentally. Remember you already have what you actually need.
  16. Forget about your past and take the learning forward. Thinking about past will only destroy your present life and future life.
  17. Try not to hate anyone, after all our life in this Earth is so short. We do not get to live 300 years anyway 😉
  18. Learn to live happily no matter what. Happiness is the secret recipe for a long and healthy life.
  19. Life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems and mistakes are the most valuable lessons that teaches you a lot.
  20. Learn to say ‘NO’ for appropriate situations in life. This will avoid most of the problems at the beginning itself.
  21. If you happen to stay in a foreign country or far away place – keep in touch with your family and friends through frequent phone calls or write a personal letter. They are here to give meaning to your life and you should cherish them.
  22. Learn to ‘Forgive’ others. It is a great art by itself and gives abundant joy by doing so.
  23. Spend time and listen to people of two categories (70 years and above, 10 years and below). They only need you to spend time and nothing else.
  24. Never ever worry on ‘What others will think of you’. It doesn’t matter and it is none of your business.
  25. Respect your ‘Friends’. They are the gifted angels who are willing to do anything for you without expecting anything in return.
  26. Do what you feel is right and Do it immediately. Learn to take your own decision, so do not have to regret on other’s decision.
  27. Thank God or Almighty everyday instead of just asking to fulfill your wishlist.
  28. There is hidden happiness inside your deep mind. Try to explore it and enjoy daily.
  29. ‘Delete’ whatever that doesn’t give you happiness, that makes you cry and that leaves you without peace of mind. Completely remove those things from your mind.
  30. Any situation will change one day. Whatever happens, life has to go on!


Feel free to share this to your friends and valuable people. Also we would like to hear your comments and any tips if you may have.


Happy Life!!!

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