Who will cry when you die? by Robin Sharma – A review

Who will cry when you die? by Robin Sharma – A review

I got a chance to read this amazing book, “Who will cry when you die” by Robin Sharma. It starts with a powerful single liner,

“You cried when you were born and the world smiled,
When you die, many should cry for you to make your soul rest in peace”.

I was inspired by his wonderful thoughts and sharing my observation here for you.

    • Every person you meet in your lifetime will teach you something. So be kind to all.
    • Spend most of your focus and time on something you are good at and avoid other things that eats up your time.
    • Stop worrying too often. If needed you could allocate 30 minutes every day in the evening and think about all your problems.
    • Practise to wake up early. Remember all successful people were early risers.
    • Wear a smile in your face every now and then. More you smile, your health will get better and possibly can have more friends.
    • Read more good books often. If you are a frequent traveller, you may utilise travel time to good effect by taking a book with you.
    • List down all your problems in a piece of paper. You will notice that half your stress will be relieved while just writing down. Who knows you may get right solution by doing so.
    • Consider your children as the most valuable gift ever in your life. In fact the best thing we could give them is our time.
    • You may look like a fool for a moment when you ask what you require, but those who never asked remain as fools for their lifetime.
    • Any habit in order to practise, take to your inner mind and make it a routine – it takes approximately 21 days. So keep doing most needed things again and again!
    • Listen to your favourite music every day. Music has the power to boost your inner confidence, bring more excitement to life.
    • Never hesitate about speaking to strangers. Everyone was once a stranger and they may carry same ideas like you or maybe better.
    • A person who has more money is not rich. The one who has at least three best friends is the most richest person.
    • Stay as unique as possible. Do everything in your own way differently and perfectly.
    • Not every book you read deserves to be read till last page. If a book doesn’t attract you in first 30 minutes, do not waste time in reading it further. There is a saying, “Judge a book by its cover”!
    • Your cell/hand phone is just for your luxury. Owning a phone doesn’t necessarily mean you should attend every single phone call. If you are in middle of something, you can always call back later.
    • Capture all your important moments and frame them. They are your company when you turn older and help you go back to those memories.
    • Our work life is demanding so much these days, we forget our basic things & necessities more often. After your work every day, take time to think of what all you have to do for your parents, wife, children and friends. These are small things that can add more value to your life.
    • Stay humble, no matter how big and successful you become. Most of the victorious people and famous personalities all stood humble forever.

Life is so good when we do all the small things for our loved ones and help others in possible ways.

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